Use Coal, Save the Trees
MISSION OF COAL INDIA - To produce and market the planned quantity of coal and coal products efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, quality and conservation. VISION OF COAL INDIA - To emerge as a global player in the primary energy sector committed to provide energy security to the country by attaining environmentally & socially sustainable growth through best practices from mine to market.

Vigilance Activities

Vigilance Department assists to ensure transparency, non-discrimination, accountability and efficiency of the management function in ECL. Numerous Vigilance activities throughout the year have got the prime role to reflect the ‘Transparent and Rational’ image of the functioning of the Organisation. Several bold and innovative ideas have been taken in last year. A huge number of complaint based investigation has been conducted by the Vigilance Department of ECL throughout the year and as a result various lapses / irregularities have been pointed out. To combat those lapses/irregularities, a significant number of improvements of the prevailing systems have been implemented. Moreover, to bring more clarity in accountability, transparency and rationality of the functioning of company, several instances of irregularities /lapses, committed purposefully with mala-fide intention were considered very seriously and in numerous cases, it ended in awarding penalty to the delinquent officials. Modern I.T. initiatives and e-governance have been implemented in different areas of ECL by regular supervision and monitoring of the Vigilance Department.

Preventive Vigilance:

A significant number of surprise inspections in different Areas/Units of ECL were conducted by the Vigilance Department, during 2017-18 to cover-up the entire spectrum of the functioning of the company. Moreover, a large number of Vigilance awareness–cum-motivational programmes have been organized throughout the year among various Stake-Holders covering a significant number of beneficiaries. In majority of cases, prevailing systems have been studied thoroughly and whenever necessary, different “System Improvement” measures have been implemented to improve the existing system and at the same time to plug the lapses of the existing system- as a part of ‘Preventive vigilance’. Such sincere effort has been reflected remarkably on the work culture of the Organisation.

Sl No





Number of Surprise check/Inspection conducted along with periodical check




Vigilance awareness cum motivational programmes

a. Awareness programmes with internal faculties



b. Stake Holders Meet



c. Competitions, Essay/Debate/Painting / Nukkad Natak/ cultural Programme etc.



d. Seminar/Workshop with external or internal faculties



e. Awareness Gram Sabhas



f. Motor Cyclathon Rally




Intensive examination



Measures taken for improvement:

The following Systemic Improvement measures have been undertaken during the year 2017-18:

  1. System improvement regarding SOP for Diesel dispensing unit for receipt, issue and consumption.
  2. System improvement regarding DOP (Delegation of Power) manipulation and Splitting of tender.
  3. System improvement regarding nature of similar work in Civil Department.
  4. System improvement for prevention of Irregularities and Misuse in granting LLTC.

Punitive Vigilance:

To establish as well as to maintain the fair and transparent image of the functioning of the Organisation the instances of irregularities committed purposefully with mala-fide intention were considered very seriously and dealt with firm and exemplary punitive measures taken under the relevant Conduct Rule. As a result total 14 (Fourteen) officials were awarded various penalties.

Leveraging Technology:

Following initiatives have been undertaken by the Vigilance Department towards leveraging technology for improvement of transparency and capability of the organization:

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IT Initiative

Status as on 31.03.18



GPS/GPRS based Vehicle Tracking System


Out of 1479 devices, 1458 GPS devices have been fitted in available Coal trucks. perational in all fourteen areas and in HQ. Tracking of vehicle is going on.


Electronic Surveillance by CCTV


CCTV cameras installed in ECL: 1167 nos.


RFID based Boom Barriers & Readers


Supplied: 77 nos., Installed (mechanical part): 77 nos. 26 Nos. of RFID systems have been commissioned at Satgram, Kajora, Bankola and Sonepur Bazari Area (Stand Alone system). Remaining commissioning is under progress.


Weigh Bridge Status

Road- 96 &


Installation Completed. One Railway weighbridge at Parbelia is surveyed off.


Wide Area Networking (WAN)

Link Established in 118 Locations

Installation completed. For new 5 nos. of Road weigh Bridges, for installation of ‘Railtel networking’ Work Order Placed to M/s Railtel. Work is under Progress.


Coalnet Application

Online Material

Management System

Implemented in all stores except S P Mines and Rajmahal Area.

Financial Information


Implemented in ECL HQ, Kolkata Sales Office, Sodepur Area, Sonepur Bazari Area, Kunustoria, Sripur, Satgram and S P Mines Area.

Personal Information


Implemented in ECL HQ


Non-executive payroll implemented in ECL HQ, Kolkata Sales Office, Kunustoria Area and Sonepur Bazari Area. Parallel run in Jhanjra Area is under progress. Executive payroll implemented in all areas.


Rail sales Module Implemented in all areas. Road Sales GST compliant Tax Invoices are being generated from Coalnet.

VVIP Reference

Implemented at ECL HQ


Online Leave Management System


Implemented in all areas for executives.


Mobile Apps

1.Bill Tracking System 2.Online Grievance


3.Swachha Vidyalaya, 4.Road sales (Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitran)




Geo Fencing of Mine Boundaries


Implemented in all Areas of ECL.


Inter Area Network

Connectivity (LAN/ WAN)


All Area of ECL connected with HQ and Kolkata Sales Office.


Biometric Attendance

Under the process of implementation.

Payroll link established in ECL HQ for Company employee. However Biometric Attendance has been implemented and Linked to Payroll for company employee in seven areas. For other areas, hardware has been installed but is yet to be implemented.


Auto Refund of





Reverse Auction


Implemented for estimated Contract Value of more than Rs. 1 Crore.



Implemented and Material Delivered


A new Pilot Project at Sonepur Bazari Area has been taken up where 87 CCTVs will be installed and commissioned at different vulnerable points (Coal Heap, Siding and other Sensitive locations) and feed from all 87 cameras will be stored and displayed at Area Control Room through Wi Fi Connectivity.

Implementation of Integrity Pact Programme:

Integrity Pact has already been implemented in ECL and it is in vogue.

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week:

ECL celebrated Vigilance Awareness Week from 30th October, 2017 to 4th November, 2017 as per directives of Central Vigilance Commission. This year the theme of observing Vigilance Awareness Week was “My Vision-Corruption Free India”. Integrity Pledge was administered to bring about integrity and transparency in all spheres of activities and also to work unstintingly for eradication of corruption in all spheres of life. Pledge was also administered by the respective GMs/HODs in the Area establishments / Project and Unit levels on 30.10.2017. A Nukkad Natak was performed by the students of D.A.V. School, Nimcha and at ECL, HQ. On 31.10.17, a ceremony to reverently remember Sardar Vallabbhai Patel on the occasion of his 142nd birth anniversary was organized at ECL HQ. During the week long celebrations, banners and posters with anti-corruption slogans were displayed at strategic points in ECL HQ and all the areas / units / establishments. On 31.10.2017 a Motor Cyclathon was organized. The Cyclathon rally covered various important public areas and roads of Asansol starting from Main Bus Stand to State Bank of India, Main Branch, Asansol spreading the message of Corruption Free India. On 01.11.2017, Awareness Gram Sabha was organized at Sonepur Bazari Area for dissemination of awareness in Gram Panchayats (Bhaluka and Arsola & Kuchibera) sensitizing citizens on the ill effects of corruption through Nukkad Natak performed by students of DAV, Nimcha. On 02.11.2017 a Seminar was organized in the Conference Hall of ECL HQ on “My Vision-Corruption Free India” where Sri Bijendra Kumar, Technical Examiner, CVC was the Guest Speaker. The seminar witnessed fruitful discussions and live interactions on the subjects. On this occasion, the Vigilance Newsletter of 2017, “Sachetana” was released. On 01.11.2017 & 03.11.2017, Essay writing competition / Slogan competition / Poster competition / Skit etc. were organized by Vigilance Department & different Areas of ECL at various Colleges & Schools.

Important Achievements:

  1. Several IT initiatives and e-governance, initiated last year, became the pioneer in introducing discount bidding.
  2. By integrating vigilance activities with normal management functioning, the Company has gained in terms of morale boosting of employees and other stake holders by regular interaction in awareness cum motivation programme. This has been reflected remarkably in production and productivity.
  3. Regular monitoring by Vigilance Department has helped to check over-reporting and also in recovering a large quantum of monetary gain as penalty from the defaulters.

Special Achievements

Integrity Index Development Project of CVC undertaken by IIM, Ahmedabad: Initially a set of questionnaires consisting of Unique Business Process, different system of procurement, details of sale, system improvement, IT initiatives, Preventive vigilance, Participative vigilance, punitive vigilance, etc was distributed. M/S Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) and M/S Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) are from Coal India Limited (CIL). Different set of questions are forwarded to different group of stakeholders like Employees, Senior level officers, Officers & Employees of Vigilance department, Board level officers, Shareholders, important personalities of the Society in and around the Coalfield, Customers, Suppliers, etc. During the meeting at CVC held on 28-02-2018 along with IIM faculties, it is learnt that the ranking of ECL has come within top ten companies.

MoU Target vis-à-vis achievements up to 31st March, 2018

Sl No.



Target for the year 2017-18

Actual Achievement


Online Quarterly vigilance clearance updation for senior executives (AGM and above.

% of number of senior executives


Achieved 100%

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