Use Coal, Save the Trees
MISSION OF COAL INDIA - To produce and market the planned quantity of coal and coal products efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, quality and conservation. VISION OF COAL INDIA - To emerge as a global player in the primary energy sector committed to provide energy security to the country by attaining environmentally & socially sustainable growth through best practices from mine to market.

Important Notices


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1 28.05.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-IAD-2019-20-02, Dated. 14-03-2019.Click Me
2 23.05.2020Applications from for retired employees of ECL-CIL-Govt. in Special Skilled service in Land and Revenue department for the post of Amin.Click Me
3 16.05.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-HQ-Pur-Open-41881059-2018-19-IS Communication-063, Dated. 22-08-2018.Click Me
4 15.05.2020Purchase of Land of Kunustoria Area for Coal Mining Project.Click Me
5 30.04.2020Purchasing of tenancy land at Nimcha OC (Amkola) patch under Nimcha (R) Colliery (Corrigendum).Click Me
6 28.04.2020Purchasing of tenancy land at Nimcha OC (Amkola) patch under Nimcha (R) Colliery.Click Me
7 13.03.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-HQ-GM(C)-e-Tender-19-20-103, Date. 05-03-2020.Click Me
8 13.03.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Kenda-Pur-O-19-20-Cement Capsule-341, Date. 16.01.2020.Click Me
9 07.03.2020Cancellation of Tender ECL-JNR-PUR-ENQ-244-1203 Dated.20.02.2020.Click Me
10 07.03.2020Cancellation of Tender GM-JNR-SAFETY-19-20-02 dated 26.02.2020Click Me
11 22.02.2020Extension of Date for submitting applications for Trade Apprentices for one year.Click Me
12 17.02.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-HQ-GM(C)-e-Tender-19-20-98, Date. 17-01-2020.Click Me
13 17.02.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Hq-Pur-Open-41811115-2018-19-CCTV Camera-115, Dated. 04-02-2019.Click Me
14 15.02.2020Notification for inviting applications from Trade Apprentices for one year.Click Me
15 08.02.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Hq-Pur-Open-21921065-RC-2019-20-Lubricants-067, Dated. 25.11.2019Click Me
16 05.02.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-C-5(D)-Admn-Light Vehicle-NIA-569, Dated. 21.11.2019Click Me
17 05.02.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-HQ-PUR-Global-71611058-2018-19-Submersible Pump-043, Dated. 27-06-2018Click Me
18 05.02.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-HQ-PUR-O-31913027-SSHT-027, Dated. 03-07-2019Click Me
19 05.02.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Hq-Pur-Open-21953060-RC-2019-20-IV Fluid-061, Dated. 14-10-2019Click Me
20 05.02.2020Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Hq-Pur-Open-41981007-2019-20-Audio Conferencing System-011, Dated. 08-05-2019Click Me
22 05.02.2020Notice for E-Auction of Scrap on 05-02-2020 to 13-02-2020Click Me
23 27.12.2019Proposed for 1st phase of land purchase for Nakrakonda – Kumardihi ‘B’ O.C.P. (3MTY) under Bankola AreaClick Me
24 09.12.2019Cancellation of Tender-ECL-Hq-Pur-Open-41811063-2019-20-Induction Motor-010 dated. 08-05-2019Click Me
25 11.11.2019Draft - Request for Bid (RFB) and Model Contract Agreement (MCA) regarding Raniganj CBM Project.Click Me
26 07.11.2019Expression of Interest (EOl) from interested parties for Coal Bed Methane extraction in Raniganj CBM Project of ECL.Click Me
27 07.11.2019SOR for Hiring of HEMM for outsourcing patches, Contractual Coal Transportation, loading of coal by Pay Loader/Excavator, Crushing of Coal into minus 100 mm size by Mobile Crusher, Contractual Sand transportation and Contractual Drilling of BoreholesClick Me
28 30.10.2019Central Hospital, Kalla will organise Medical Camps regarding treatment and awareness of various ailmentsClick Me
29 30.10.2019Cancellation of Tender-ECL-Hq-Pur-Open-71711023-2019-20-Digital Radio Communication System-013 dated 13-05-2019Click Me
30 25.10.2019Fifth list of provisionally selected candidates from empanel list for admission in GNM Course Yr.2019-20Click Me
31 16.10.2019Fourth list of provisionally selected candidates from empanel list for admission in GNM Course Yr. 2019-20Click Me
32 03.10.2019Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Hq-Pur-G-31831067-SCBA-059, Dated. 16-08-2018Click Me
33 30.09.2019Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Hq-Pur-Open-21811062-2018-19-Semi Auto Analyser-079, Dated. 23-10-2018Click Me
34 30.09.2019Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Hq-Pur-Open-41811029-2018-19-DG Set-064, Dated. 30-08-2018Click Me
35 29.09.2019Third list of provisionally selected candidates from empanel list for admission in GNM Course Yr. 2019-20Click Me
36 25.09.2019Notice for E-Auction of Scrap on 11-10-2019 to 18-10-2019Click Me
37 20.09.2019Cancellation of Tender - ECL-Hq-Pur-O-16-17-CM-31611130-134, Dated. 07-01-2017Click Me
38 19.09.2019 List of provisionally selected candidates for admission in GNM course for the year 2019-20Click Me
39 17.09.2019Cancellation of Tender - ECL-HQ-PUR-O-31813022-GI-103, Dated. 11-12-2018Click Me
40 13.09.2019Land Purchase Notice for Khottadih Expansion Open Cast Project under Pandaveswar AreaClick Me
41 09.09.2019List of provisionally selected candidates for admission in GNM course for the year 2019-20Click Me

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