Use Coal, Save the Trees
MISSION OF COAL INDIA - To produce and market the planned quantity of coal and coal products efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, quality and conservation. VISION OF COAL INDIA - To emerge as a global player in the primary energy sector committed to provide energy security to the country by attaining environmentally & socially sustainable growth through best practices from mine to market.



The aim of Security Department is to protect men and materials of the company. Company is having 04 (four) types of Security set-up:


  1. ECL Security - 2071 persons.
  2. CISF                               - 862 persons.
  3. Contractual Security - 1500 Persons
  4. Home Guard                - 170 persons.


ECL Security:

The main duty of ECL Security is to guard the company’s property i.e. Stores, Offices, Explosive Magazines, Coal Depots/Sidings, Colonies and escorting of VIPs as and when required by the Management. Escorting of Loaded Railway Rakes, Tipping Trucks/Dumpers from Coal Depot/Siding to railway W/Bridges till the weighment is done. The raids are conducted, as per information and intelligence gathering, by our Security personnel, CISF along with local Police, accordingly seizure of coal along with involved trucks/vehicles and apprehension of miscreants. The same is handed over the local Police Station and FIR is lodged accordingly. ECL Security personnel are also deployed during the time of strike/ gherao/demonstration/hunger strike and any type of law and order problem in ECL Area.


Contractual Security:

The Contractual Security personnel are deployed along with ECL security to augment the security arrangements.



CISF is deployed for static duty at Rajmahal, Sonepur Bazari, S.P. Mines. Besides they are having camps at Mugma, Salanpur, Sripur, Kunustoria, Pandaveswar, Kalidaspur and Satgram Area. They remain on mobile duty to conduct raids against illegal mining, illegal trafficking of coal and illegal coal depots and also deployed during Strike/Gherao in the colliery/Area.


Home Guard:

170 Home Guards are deployed along with ECL Security in Mugma, S.P. Mines and Rajmahal Area.


Steps taken for revamping of security at ECL:

  1. Requisition of 700 CISF personnel has been sent to CISF HQ. These persons are exclusively for Explosive Magazine of ECL out of which 210 CISF, have been approved by Ministry of Home Affairs.
  2. Agencies have been contacted for installation of CCTV and other machines like RFID and Boom Barrier at Railway Siding.
  3. Bio-Metric attendance system in ECL HQ is installed.
  4. A mechanism to collect the seized coal from local Police Stations has been devised. ECL has received seized coal from different “Police Station”.
  5. 649 Trainee Security Guards were imparted Basic training at IRB, Jamtara under the supervision of Jharkhand Police. And all 649 Trainee Security Guards were regularized.
  6. 1048 number of security personnel in different grades were promoted during the year.


Steps taken to check/prevent the illegal mining/transportation of coal/theft of coal:

  1. Intelligence collection.
  2. Dozing off/filling up/sealing the illegal coal mining sites and subsided areas by departmental pay loaders/dozers and sometime contractually.
  3. Surprise checks/raids by CISF, ECL Security along with Police and seizure of illegal coal/illegal trafficking of coal along with involved vehicles and apprehension of miscreants and subsequently handing over them to the local Police Station.
  4. Meeting with State Authorities of West Bengal and Jharkhand State and District level meeting (Burdwan, Bankura, Purulia and Birbhum of West Bengal and combined District level meeting of Jharkhand) with District Authorities to curb illegal mining and coal theft.
  5. A dedicated task force has been formed to tackle the issues of coal theft and illegal mining. System improvement has been introduced by weekly inspection of leasehold areas by Area General Managers, Agents, and Managers for detecting illegal mining activities.
  6. The concerned Police Stations are advised by District Authority or Sub-Divisional Authority to increase their vigil check to stop re-opening of the dozed illegal mining spots.
  7. Frequent inspection by Area Team consisting of GM, Area Survey Officer, Area Security Officer along with CISF officials to the affected sites and accordingly meetings are held at Commandant, CISF office regularly.
  8. For logical conclusion of the cases which are pending in Court, ECL has engaged lawyer to follow up these cases.
  9. Discussion has also been made with Public Prosecutor in lower Court and Session Court of Asansol to take necessary steps for speedy trial of the case pending in the Court.
  10. ECL Security conducted surprise checks/raids along with CISF personnel/Private Security to prevent theft of coal. During the course of checks/raids, they seized coal, apprehended miscreants and FIRs lodged to local Police Stations.
  11. Armed Security personnel escorts’ coal loaded rake from Siding to Railway weighbridges.


Technological intervention for prevention of theft of coal:

  1. KHANAN PRAHARI App. launched to facilitate common people to report any incidence of illegal mining keeping the complainant’s identity undisclosed.
  2. GPS based vehicle monitoring system introduced at all the Areas is a step to curb theft of coal.
  3. CCTV cameras are installed at each railway siding and other sensitive locations for surveillance and supervision.
  4. GPS enabled VTMS system in fitted in Coal transportation vehicle for live tracking of vehicle



DISCLAIMER : Information on this site is believed to be accurate but ECL disclaims any liability for any errors or omissions that may occur from time to time.

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