Use Coal, Save the Trees
MISSION OF COAL INDIA - To produce and market the planned quantity of coal and coal products efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, quality and conservation. VISION OF COAL INDIA - To emerge as a global player in the primary energy sector committed to provide energy security to the country by attaining environmentally & socially sustainable growth through best practices from mine to market.



In order to keep pace with advancement of communication and information technology, Wide Area Network in MPLS cloud are spread across HQ (Bandwidth-100 MBPS), Area offices (Bandwidth-10 MBPS), Kolkata Sales office (Bandwidth-10 MBPS), Weighbridges (Bandwidth-2 MBPS), Central & Area Stores (Bandwidth-2 MBPS), Regional Workshops & other Workshops (Bandwidth-2 MBPS) and Central Hospitals (Bandwidth-2 MBPS) of total 146 locations. Lease Internet Lines are in operation at HQ and all Area offices, with Bandwidth of 55 MBPS and 4 MBPS respectively. Up-gradation of Underground mine communication by Auto-cum-manual dial communication system is functional in 36 underground mines. Open Cast Mines are provided with VHF radio communication system. 11 new additional Wide Area Network connections have been made to road weighbridges, rail weighbridges, workshops and Mines Rescue Station.



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